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person-centered & psychodynamic

I believe that healing happens in providing a holding space for growth and resilience can occur. I believe in a warm, personable approach which provides a corrective emotional experience for the client.

Each client knows what is best for them. I can provide expertise from my field, but I will not tell clients "what to do".

Health at every size

Despite nonscientific cultural norms, someone does not have to be thin to be "healthy". In fact, new research points toward the notion that obsessing about food and weight is more deterimental to one's health than being in a larger body. My approach is not a weight-loss solution; I am committed to finding out what is underneath the body shame to allow for true confidence to occur.


trauma therapy

Talking about one's trauma is not neccessarily trauma therapy. I will help clients learn to regulate their emotions around triggers, discuss how their trauma is affecting their current relationships, and eventually talk about the trauma. I find this helps clients more long-term with deeper relationships and an understanding of themselves.

group therapy

Groups are amazing at providing a social laboratory to try out new ways of interacting with people. Clients often benefit greatly from group therapy because it provides evidence that:

1. our problems are universal and

2. people (besides therapists) can be supportive for growth.